Welcome to the 9th Alabama Code Camp

A Message from the Code Camp Organizers
Unfortunately, the number of registered attendees at this time, about a week before the event date, is very low. Our goal is to ensure that all the participants, including attendees, speakers and contributors, derive benefit from the event. With such low registration numbers, the effort required to hold the event may not match the turnout for the sessions. We also want to provide the contributors as much exposure to their service and products as possible.
Because of these factors, the decision was made to postpone the Alabama Code Camp that was scheduled for March 10 in Troy, Alabama to a date to be determined. We will use this opportunity to re-evaluate a number of factors, including the location.
We sincerely appreciate your interest in the event, and please look out for future Alabama Code Camp announcements.
What is a Code Camp?
A Code Camp is a free event at which developers share experience and learn from their peers. This community driven event has become an international trend where peer groups of all platforms, programming languages and disciplines band together to bring content to the community.

Who are the Speakers?

YOU are, YOUR PEERS are, and YOUR LOCAL EXPERTS are.  Anyone and everyone is welcome! This is a community event and one of the main purposes of the event is to have local community members step up and offer some cool presentations! Don’t worry if you have never given a presentation before, we’ll give you some tips if you need help, and this a great opportunity to spread your wings.
Call for speakers is currently closed.  If you are interested in speaking, please check back.

How Much Does it Cost?

The event is free!  Yes, that is right.  This event costs nothing.  A full day of learning and sharing with food provided and it is absolutely free!

When and Where is it?

Location and Date TBD.
How do I get Registered?
That’s easy!  Once registration is opened, we’ll post a link right here!