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How do I comment in Android Studio?

To comment/uncomment one line, use: Ctrl + /. To comment/uncomment a block, use: Ctrl + Shift + /.

How do you comment out multiple lines in code blocks?

Ctrl + Shift + X to uncomment . You can do a box comment with /* at the start and */ at the end. It’ll block out everything in between.

How do I comment out a block in Visual Studio?

If you select a block of code and use the key sequence Ctrl+K+C, you’ll comment out the section of code. Ctrl+K+U will uncomment the code.

What are block comments?

Block comments delimit a region of source code which may span multiple lines or a part of a single line. This region is specified with a start delimiter and an end delimiter. Some programming languages (such as MATLAB) allow block comments to be recursively nested inside one another, but others (such as Java) do not.

How do I debug Android?

  1. Enable debugging.
  2. Start debugging. Attach the debugger to a running app.
  3. Change the debugger type.
  4. Use the system log. Write log messages in your code. View the system log.
  5. Work with breakpoints. View and configure breakpoints. Debug window frames.
  6. Inspect variables. Add watchpoints.
  7. View and change resource value display format.

How do you comment in Java?

Comments can be used to explain Java code, and to make it more readable. It can also be used to prevent execution when testing alternative code. Single-line comments start with two forward slashes ( // ). Any text between // and the end of the line is ignored by Java (will not be executed).

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How do I comment multiple lines in Hana studio?

In JavaScript editor it is CTRL+/ or CTRL+Shift+/ to add block comments.

How do you comment multiple lines in R?

There are two ways to add multiple single-line comments in R Studio: First way: Select the multiple lines which you want to comment using the cursor and then use the key combination “control + shift + C” to comment or uncomment the selected lines.

What does comment out mean in coding?

(programming, transitive) To disable a section of source code by converting it into a comment. If you do not want to run this line of code, just comment it out!

How do you comment out in C#?

Another way to comment out one or more lines of code to select the lines and click on the Comment or UnComment button in the Text Editor toolbar. Shortcut: You can use Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U to Comment or Uncomment selected lines of text.

How do I comment on xamarin?

In Visual Studio to comment a text, you can highlight the text you want to comment, and then use Ctrl + K followed by Ctrl + C. To uncomment, you can use Ctrl + K followed by Ctrl + U.

How do I delete all comments in Visual Studio?

you can also use this visual studio extension for removing comments in your code.

7 Answers

  1. Enable Regular Expression (Alt+E)
  2. In Find FieldBox, write. //.* or /*.*
  3. In Replace FieldBox, keep it empty or put text of your choice.

How do you write a good comment?

Top ten tips for writing a great comment

  1. Read the article. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many comments can be answered with the words “it says in the article”.
  2. Respond to the article. … …
  3. Read the other comments. …
  4. Make it clear who you’re replying to. …
  5. Use the return key. …
  6. Avoid sarcasm. …
  7. Avoid unnecessary acronyms. …
  8. Use facts.
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How do you write a good comment code?

In-line comments should be used sparingly, only where the code is not “self-documenting”. When you do use “in-line” comments, you should place them before (or next to) any code that is not self explanatory. This comment should detail the “idea” behind the code and what is to be accomplished.

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