Floating action button Android Studio

How do I add text to the floating action button?

You can’t set text for FloatingActionButton from the support library, but what you can do, is create a text image directly from Android Studio : File -> New -> Image Asset , and then use it for your button.

How do I add an image to the floating action button?

In order to change the icon on the menu button when you choose a floatingActionButton it can be implemented like this: Create menu button in xml file, create floating button(s) on . java file (programmatically) set menu button (color button, color pressed button and image).

How do I hide the floating action button?

hide() and show() are two methods provided by the FAB to hide/show the FAB button with a smooth animation. dy is a value that changes when you scroll vertically, when the user scrolls down the value is positive and when the user scrolls up the value is negative.

How do I change the size of the floating action button?

If you want to set icon size to particular Floating Action Button just go with Floating action button attributes like app_fabSize=”normal” and android_scaleType=”center”. There are three key XML attributes for custom FABs: app:fabSize : Either “mini” (40dp), “normal”(56dp)(default) or “auto”

How do you use a floating action button?

Add the floating action button to your layout

  1. The size of the FAB, using the app:fabSize attribute or the setSize() method.
  2. The ripple color of the FAB, using the app:rippleColor attribute or the setRippleColor() method.
  3. The FAB icon, using the android:src attribute or the setImageDrawable() method.
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How do I create a floating button in HTML?


  1. <a style=”padding:10px;display:block;” href=”http://androidcss.com/css/css3-floating-button-tutorial/” target=”_blank”>Click here for complete tutorial</a>
  2. <!– Code begins here –>
  3. <a href=”#” class=”float”>
  4. <i class=”fa fa-plus my-float”></i>
  5. </a>

How do you change the background of a floating action button?

If you wish to change this at runtime then you can do so via setBackgroundTintList(ColorStateList). mFab. setRippleColor(your color in int); By setting this attribute, when you long-pressed the FAB , a ripple with your color will appear at your touch point and reveal into whole surface of FAB .

What is a floating icon?

Floating action buttons (or FAB) are: “A special case of promoted actions. They are distinguished by a circled icon floating above the UI and have special motion behaviors, related to morphing, launching, and its transferring anchor point.”

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