Rename Android Studio project

How do I rename a project in Android Studio?

  1. Right-click on your root project directory.
  2. Select Refactor -> Rename.
  3. Select rename project and change the name there.
  4. Also Select rename module and change it there as well. …
  5. Now right-click on the project root folder again and select Open Module Settings.

Can I change Android package name?

Change the package name. Although your project’s package name matches the application ID by default, you can change it. However, if you want to change your package name, be aware that the package name (as defined by your project directory structure) should always match the package attribute in the AndroidManifest.

How do I rename my project on flutter?

Right-click your project in the Project window (Alt+1 to show). Click Refactor > Rename.

What is package name in Android Studio?

All Android apps have a package name. The package name uniquely identifies the app on the device; it is also unique in the Google Play store.

How do you change the name of a project?

Once you change it, the new name appears when you show the project summary task and in the legend when you print a view.

  1. Choose File > Info.
  2. On the right, choose Project Information > Advanced Properties.
  3. On the Summary tab, type the new name in the Title box.

Can I rename an app?

You can not rename the apps themselves, so their names will remain unchanged when you’re opening them, or when searching for them in Settings -> Apps. But, if you’re OK with that, read on. To change the name of an app shortcut you’ll need a custom Android launcher.

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How do I find my package name?

Get package name

  1. Create a new object of the class.
  2. Use getClass() API method of Object for the class to get the runtime class of this object. …
  3. Call getPackage() API method of Class to get the Package for this class. …
  4. Use getName() API method of Package to get the name of the package.

How do I find my Android package name?

One method to look up an app’s package name is to find the app in the Google Play app store using a web browser. The package name will be listed at the end of the URL after the ‘? id=’. In the example below, the package name is ‘’.

How do you rename apps on Android?

Once the app is installed, open it and scroll down the list to find the app for which you want to change the name of the shortcut. Tap on the app name. Information about the app shortcut displays in the right pane. Tap the area that says “Tap to change label”.

Is not a valid Dart package name?

“ProjectName” is not a valid Dart package name. … Package names should be all lowercase, with underscores to separate words, `just_like_this`. Use only basic Latin letters and Arabic digits: [a-z0-9_]. Also, make sure the name is a valid Dart identifier — that it doesn’t start with digits and isn’t a reserved word.

Can I change package name in firebase?

2 Answers. As Eurosecom commented, you can just add a new Android app to your existing Firebase project with the new package name. After doing this, download the updated google-services. … When you initially create a project in Android Studio, the package name and application id will have the same value.

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What is package name?

Occasionally it’s necessary to know the package name of an Android app. The package name is a unique name to identify a specific app. Generally, the package name of an app is in the format domain. company. application , but it’s completely up to the app’s developer to choose the name.

What is the package name of Google Play store?

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