How to reverse a linked list c++

How do you reverse a linked list in C++?

Reverse a linked list

  1. Input: Head of following linked list. 1->2->3->4->NULL. Output: Linked list should be changed to, 4->3->2->1->NULL.
  2. Input: Head of following linked list. 1->2->3->4->5->NULL. Output: Linked list should be changed to, 5->4->3->2->1->NULL.
  3. Input: NULL. Output: NULL.
  4. Input: 1->NULL. Output: 1->NULL.

How do you reverse a linked list?

Steps to reverse a Singly Linked List

  1. Create two more pointers other than head namely prevNode and curNode that will hold the reference of previous node and current node respectively. …
  2. Now, disconnect the previous node i.e. the first node from others. …
  3. Move head node to its next node i.e. head = head->next.

How do you reverse k nodes in a linked list?

Given a linked list, write a function to reverse every alternate k nodes (where k is an input to the function) in an efficient way. Give the complexity of your algorithm. Example: Inputs: 1->2->3->4->5->6->7->8->9->NULL and k = 3 Output: 3->2->1->4->5->6->9->8->7->NULL.

How do you reverse a list in C++?

The list::reverse() is a built-in function in C++ STL which is used to reverse a list container. It reverses the order of elements in the list container. Parameters: This function does not accept any parameters. Return Value: This function does not return any value.

How do I remove a loop from a linked list?

To remove loop, all we need to do is to get pointer to the last node of the loop. For example, node with value 5 in the above diagram. Once we have pointer to the last node, we can make the next of this node as NULL and loop is gone.9 мая 2011 г.

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How do you reverse an array in C++?

Another plausible way of reversing an array is to use the stack data structure. The idea is to push each element in the array into a stack. Then we simply pop values from the stack one by one and assign each popped item back to the original array starting from the beginning.

Can you sort a linked list?

Merge sort is often preferred for sorting a linked list. The slow random-access performance of a linked list makes some other algorithms (such as quicksort) perform poorly, and others (such as heapsort) completely impossible. Let head be the first node of the linked list to be sorted and headRef be the pointer to head.

How do I merge two linked lists?

Merge two sorted linked lists. together the nodes of the first two lists. For example if the first linked list a is 5->10->15 and the other linked list b is 2->3->20, then SortedMerge() should return a pointer to the head node of the merged list 2->3->5->10->15->20.

How do you detect a loop in a linked list?

Detect First Element of the Loop

Once the fast and slow pointers are equal. Set one of them back to the start of the LinkedList head. Move both the pointers at equal speed. At the node where they meet again, would be the starting node of the loop.

What is deep copy of linked list?

Your job is to write code to make a deep copy of the given linked list. Here, deep copy means that any operations on the original list (inserting, modifying and removing) should not affect the copied list. Here’s an example of a linked list with arbitrary pointers connected.

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How do you change two nodes in a linked list?

Given a singly linked list, write a function to swap elements pairwise. For example, if the linked list is 1->2->3->4->5 then the function should change it to 2->1->4->3->5, and if the linked list is then the function should change it to .

What is cloning a linked list?

To clone a linked list with random pointers, the idea is to maintain a hash table for storing the mappings from a linked list node to its clone. For each node in the original linked list, we create a new node with same data and recursively set its next pointers.

How do you reverse a list?

Reversing a list in-place with the list. reverse() method. Using the “ [::-1] ” list slicing trick to create a reversed copy. Creating a reverse iterator with the reversed() built-in function.

Is there a reverse function in C++?

C++ has an in-built reverse function, that can be called to reverse a string. This function takes in two inputs; The iterator for the string start.

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