Remove horizontal scrollbar CSS

How do I get rid of the horizontal scroll bar in CSS?

To disable the horizontal scrollbar you enter the overflow-x: hidden in the CSS. To force a scrollbar when one is not provided use overflow-y: scroll . This can stop the browser jumping when it adds a scrollbar as content expands to exceed the space.

How do I stop my horizontal scrollbar?

To hide the horizontal scrollbar, we can just select the scrollbar of the required div and set it to display: none; One thing to note is that this will only work for WebKit-based browsers (like Chrome) as there is no such option available for Mozilla. To remove the horizontal scroll bar, use the following code.

Why am I getting a horizontal scrollbar?

2 Answers. Add overflow:hidden to your body style. Are you setting width and padding on the same element? then the total width of the inner div will be 100% + 10px, which will result in a scroll bar.

How can I remove horizontal scrollbar from mobile?

Try this code,overflow will help to remove scrollbar. You can use it also for any div which is scrolling. width:100vw; overflow-x: scroll; This can be applied in the context of body, html as has been suggested or you could just wrap the content that is having an issue in a div with these settings applied.

How do you hide a scroll?

How To Hide Scrollbars

  1. body { overflow: hidden; /* Hide scrollbars */ }
  2. body { overflow-y: hidden; /* Hide vertical scrollbar */ overflow-x: hidden; /* Hide horizontal scrollbar */ }
  3. /* Hide scrollbar for Chrome, Safari and Opera */ .example::-webkit-scrollbar { } /* Hide scrollbar for IE, Edge and Firefox */ .example {
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How do I stop horizontal scrolling in web design?

If you want to prevent this you have to check your body elements which is larger than the body. It happens when you take a div with some “padding” or “margin” outside “. container” class (twitter bootstrap). So remove all padding and margin outside the container class.

How do I change the scrollbar width?

CSS | scrollbar-width Property

  1. auto: It is used to set the scrollbar width to be automatically set by the browser. …
  2. thin: It is used to set the scrollbar width to a thinner variant of the default scrollbar. …
  3. none: It is used to completely hide the scrollbar, however the content is still scrollable.

How do I make a horizontal scroll?

It can be done by the following approach: Approach: Making all the div element in inline using display: inline-block; property. Adding the scroll bar to all the div element using overflow-x: auto; property.

How do I show the horizontal scrollbar in CSS?

To show scroll bar, we need to specify overflow property of CSS to “visible” or “auto”.

  1. Horizontal and vertical scroll bar. …
  2. Only, Horizontal scroll bar. …
  3. Only, Vertical scroll bar.

How do I make my overflow scroll horizontal?

For horizontal scrollable bar use the x and y-axis. Set the overflow-y: hidden; and overflow-x: auto; that will automatically hide the vertical scroll bar and present only horizontal scrollbar. The white-space: nowrap; property is used to wrap text in a single line. Here the scroll div will be horizontally scrollable.programmist css

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