What is CSS exam for

What is the benefit of CSS exam?

In practical terms, those appointed on posts in direct appointment quota in each occupational groups through CSS Exam have natural advantage. They join service at young age as compared to departmental officers, and therefore reach to the highest slots.

What is CSS exam stand for?


What qualification is required for CSS in Pakistan?

Bachelor’s Degree

Is CSS exam difficult?

It is very easy to qualify CSS exam, provided that you make preparation in proper lines. Most of the students do not qualify CSS exam despite their hard work because they do not make preparation in proper line. They do not know what to study and how to make preparation.

Which field is best for CSS?

According to my knowledge the best fields after FSC for cracking CSS are International relations, Governance, Public administration and Public policy. Also a BS in History can help.

What is the salary of CSS in Pakistan?

The successful candidates are directly appointed as 17th scale officers and the monthly salary for the beginners is around 30,000 rupees which increases gradually. The salary increases after CTP.

How do I prepare for CSS?

7 Key Points For A Smarter CSS Exam Preparation

  1. 1) Analyze Past Papers of Last 5 Years. …
  2. 2) Choose Optional Subjects of Interests. …
  3. 3) Special Focus on English. …
  4. 4) Write, At least 3 Hours Everyday. …
  5. 5) Practice Testing. …
  6. 6) Effective Time Management. …
  7. 7) Stress Management. …
  8. Good luck, you’re better than you know.

How many seats are there in CSS?

Sindh (urban) 29 seats (7.6 per cent), NWFP, 21 seats (11.5 per cent), Balochistan, 12 seats (6 per cent), NA & Fata, 07 seats (4 per cent) and AJK 08 seats (2 per cent). Women candidates allocation is: Punjab, 10 seats; Sindh (Rural) 3; Sindh (Urban) 1; NWFP 2; Balochistan 1 and NA & FATA 1.

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Can we do CSS after BA?

Can we do CSS after a BA? … Basically, Eligibility criteria for CSS is 16 years of education. BA is a 2 year degree, so you needs another 2 years of education, Perhaps 2 years Masters. If you do BS in any field then you can directly go for CSS Exam since BS is a 4 year degree.

What are the requirements of CSS?

Eligibility Requirements:

The candidates must have a Bachelor degree with at least 2nd division. The candidate should have age between 21 to 30 years. The CSS examination 2020 new age limit is also updated every year on the official website.

How long does CSS take to learn?

It may take you 1-2 weeks to complete the course, and about a month of practice to get comfortable with HTML and CSS. The key is to apply your learning and build projects.

What is the process of CSS?

Follow the following steps for applying for CSS Exam: Deposit the exam fee in the nearest Govt. Treasury / State Bank of Pakistan / National Bank of Pakistan under the account head “CO2102-Organs of State Exam Fee (FPSC Receipt). Fill in the ‘Online Application Form’ on the official website of FPSC.

Which CSS book is best?

Best Books List for CSS Preparation by Passing Candidates

  • Paragraph and Essays by Professor Manzoor Mirza.
  • Dogar unique latest essays.
  • English Grammar and Composition.
  • Oxford Idioms.

Why do students fail in CSS?

3: Lack of Enthusiasm

You can’t pass CSS exam the way you are used to passing your academic exams. CSS is altogether different in nature. Most students who failed this exam have some things in common; and those are flagging energy and dampened enthusiasm.programmist css

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