Forge of empires oracle of delphi levels

What does the Oracle of Delphi do in Forge of Empires?

The Oracle of Delphi is the first Great Building. It increases happiness and produces a small amount of supplies every 24 hours. … The questline will guide new players through the process of obtaining blueprints and leveling up Great Buildings. Therefore, it will provide the player with all necessary blueprints.

What is the fastest way to get blueprints in Forge of Empires?

Join a large guild. Daily manually mopo friends, neighbors, guildmates, buildings the age of the GB you want. Second Technique – Contribute FPs to friends, guildmates, neighbors GBs that you want BPs of. Depending on the GB when it levels and your place in the top 5 of contributors you will get BPs of that GB.

How do I contribute forge points to great buildings?

Donation. To help construct a Great Building, simply visit a city of one of your friends, neighbors or guild-mates in which a Great Building construction is present, and click on the Great Building. You may now donate Forge Points, and also view which reward you will receive (if any) for your current donations.

What is the best great building to have in Forge of Empires?

Best great building sets not in order. Alcatraz, Zues, Cathedral of Achen, and Castel de monte make an epic battle complex. Alcatraz supply’s free units and the other three at level ten almost double your attacking units stats. They also provide happiness FPS and coins.22 мая 2015 г.

How do you get blueprints in Forge of Empires?

  1. The easiest ways are to aid your guild mates and friends every day, there is small chance of getting a BP every time. …
  2. The best way is to contribute to GB’s. …
  3. You can also win them as prizes in events, GE, quests or clicking on incidents in your city or even build the shrine of inspiration which gives you a BP each day.
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Is Wishing Well worth it Forge of Empires?

If you don’t yet have any of those Great Buildings, the Wishing Well is a great bargain, and worth building more than one (if you can). The Well can also be nice to have for forge points, medals and sometimes diamonds, if you have the space available in your City.

How do you get diamonds in Forge of Empires?

For example players can buy premium buildings, forge points, expansions, missing blueprints, goods etc. Players can receive diamonds in game through some quests, buildings, Guild Expeditions rewards and conquering certain provinces, however those occurrences are fairly rare.

Can great buildings be plundered?

Plunder is an action that only is available once after defeating a player in battle. … Residential, Production, and Goods buildings that have a finished production and are not motivated can be “Plundered” to steal their coins, supplies, goods, medals or forge points.

How do you level up great buildings in Forge of Empires?

Leveling Great Buildings

You will then need set of blueprints to unlock levels past 10 (one set = one more level available). The higher the building’s level, the more powerful the bonus becomes and the greater the amount of forge points are needed to reach the next level.

What do relics do in Forge of Empires?

The Temple of Relics is a non-age great building with a passive boost called the Relic Hunt. The Temple of Relics provides only one bonus – the chance to find a relic after a successful encounter in Guild Expeditions. If a relic is found there is an color icon in the top right corner in Guild Expeditions map.25 мая 2017 г.

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How do you increase your population in Forge of Empires?

Housing buildings (Stilt houses, Chalets, Huts, etc.) increase your available population while goods and military buildings take from your available population. Therefore, to gain population you can either sell a building which takes from population or build more houses.

What is double dipping in Forge of Empires?


Great Buildings produce their pay outs (Goods/Forge Points/Production/Coins/etc) every 24 hours… or when a building levels up. … Help out your fellow Guild Members by NOT contributing the LAST forge point before a building levels up.

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