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Do I need an emissions sticker in PA?

The emissions inspection is required annually in conjunction with the annual safety inspection. A vehicle must get an emissions inspection or exemption before a safety inspection can be completed and a sticker issued.

What counties in PA do not require emissions testing?

the 42-Non I/M Counties

Huntingdon, Indiana, Jefferson, Juniata, Lawrence, McKean, Mifflin, Monroe, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, Pike, Potter, Schuylkill, Snyder, Somerset, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union, Venango, Warren, Wayne and Wyoming counties.

What is the reason for the emissions inspection program in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania’s emissions inspection program was customized to meet specific regional air-quality issues and improvement goals while focusing on customer convenience.

How do I renew my pa emissions license?

All certified emissions inspectors looking to renew their emissions license will need to recertify through As of August 1, 2018 the only way to renew your emissions license is through the online recertification program.

Is PA getting rid of emissions?

Right now, almost all cars, vans, and trucks in 25 counties of Pennsylvania are required to get emissions testing done every year. Last month, the Senate passed a package of bills that would change that. … The new legislation would get rid of the testing on cars eight years old and newer.

What year vehicle is exempt from emissions in PA?

It will no longer be required to pass an annual emissions test if a package of bills that passed the Pennsylvania Senate last week do the same in the House of Representatives. Right now, gas-powered cars, vans and light trucks registered in Pennsylvania that are model year 1975 and newer must be tested each year.

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How long can you drive with an expired inspection sticker in PA?

Pennsylvania doesn’t require that the date of the inspection sticker expiration and the date of the vehicle registration expiration match. To avoid a fine, the inspection sticker should not be allowed to expire for more than 30 days.

How much is a PA inspection and emissions?

$39.99 PA State Inspection & Emissions Test.

What happens if you don’t get emissions test?

After You Fail the Emissions Test

If your vehicle fails to pass, the DMV will not register your vehicle, meaning you can’t get a license plate to legally drive the car. … Once you have these repairs made, you can take your vehicle back to the inspection station to have it looked at again and most likely pass inspection.

How do I get a PA inspection and emissions Licence?

Applicant must complete the lecture course and pass a written and computerized test.

  1. Prerequisite: Applicant must be 18 years of age and have a valid state photo driver’s license.
  2. Next Available Classes/Schedules: TBD. …
  3. Cost: $175 payable to LCTI and $39.99 payable to PennDOT.

How do I pass an emissions test in PA?

Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure passing a Pennsylvania vehicle emissions test: Make sure the vehicle does not have its “Check Engine” light on; If it does, it will not pass the test. To fix, check to make sure the gas cap is on tight and is not broken.

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