What did the oracle at delphi say about socrates

What job did the oracle of Delphi give to Socrates?

Answer and Explanation:

The Delphic Oracle told a friend of Socrates that Socrates was the wisest man in the city of Athens. Socrates was shocked at this: he could not accept…

What is the prophecy regarding Socrates made by the oracle at Delphi and what is its significance?

-his behavior stems from a prophecy by the oracle at Delphi which claimed that he was the wisest of all men. Socrates said that he must be wiser than other men only in that he knows that he knows nothing. He considered it his duty to question supposed “wise” men and to expose their false wisdom as ignorance.

Was told by the Delphic oracle that no one was wiser than Socrates?

The Delphic oracle tells Socrates that no man is wiser than he is. Socrates interprets this as he is the wisest person on earth. Another interpretation would be that no man is wise and that women are wiser than Socrates.

What did Socrates say about knowledge?

At the trial, Socrates says, “The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing.” Socrates put emphasis on knowledge all his life because he believed that “the ability to distinguish between right and wrong lies in people’s reason not in society.” Learning was the only thing, Socrates was concerned about …

What was Socrates best defense in the apology?

Specifically, the Apology of Socrates is a defence against the charges of “corrupting the youth” and “not believing in the gods in whom the city believes, but in other daimonia that are novel” to Athens (24b).

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What was Socrates Daimon?

Daimon is a Greek word that most philosophers associate with Plato. In the Platonic dialogues, daimon refers to a mysterious spirit, and in particular, to a spirit or inner voice that spoke to Socrates, mostly in a negative way (for instance, see Hippias Major, 304 b-c).

Why does Socrates think he is wiser than most people?

In each case, Socrates affirmed that he would rather be as he is, knowing that he knows nothing, than to be inflated by a false sense of his own great wisdom. Thus, he concludes, he truly is wiser than other men because he does not think he knows what he does not know.

What was Socrates message?

Socrates’s argument proceeds from the statement of a perfectly general moral principle to its application in his particular case: One ought never to do wrong (even in response to the evil committed by another). But it is always wrong to disobey the state. Hence, one ought never to disobey the state.

Who does Socrates believe is the wisest?

Early in Socrates’ defence speech, he explained that his friend Chaerephon went to the oracle of Delphi and asked whether there was anyone wiser than Socrates. The oracle told Chaerephon that no one is wiser than Socrates. Socrates was baffled by this news as he found it very hard to believe that he was the wisest man.

Is Socrates a sophist?

Guthrie classified Socrates as a sophist in his History of Greek Philosophy. … Plato sought to distinguish sophists from philosophers, arguing that a sophist was a person who made his living through deception, whereas a philosopher was a lover of wisdom who sought the truth.

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What three groups does Socrates test in the apology?

(a) Tests three groups: Politicians, Poets, Craftsmen.

Why does Socrates compare himself to a gadfly?

So, when Socrates refers to himself as a gadfly, he means to say that he keeps Athens vigilant in the pursuit of something greater as opposed to drifting toward respite and comfort. This “something greater” that Socrates wants Athens to go towards is excellence, or virtue.

What did Socrates say about democracy?

Plato’s Republic presents a critical view of democracy through the narration of Socrates: “foolish leaders of Democracy, which is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequaled alike.” In his work, Plato lists 5 forms of government from best to …

What was Socrates main philosophy?

Philosophy. Socrates believed that philosophy should achieve practical results for the greater well-being of society. He attempted to establish an ethical system based on human reason rather than theological doctrine. Socrates pointed out that human choice was motivated by the desire for happiness.

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