Where are delphi fuel pumps made

Are Delphi fuel pumps made in China?

Delphi was USA made for a little longer than AC Delco. That would be a no brainer to me if one was made in USA, but they’re both made in China now.

Where are Airtex Fuel Pumps made?

Airtex migrates manufacturing operations from Fairfield, IL to Puebla, MX.

Who makes the best fuel pump?

Top 10 Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump Brand Review

  1. Delphi Fuel Pump Module FG0052 – The Last Fuel Pump You Will Have to Buy. …
  2. AEM High Output In-Tank Fuel Pump 50-1000 – Better Performance than Factory-Installed. …
  3. ACDelco GM OE Fuel Pump & Level Sensor Module MU1374 – Recommended by GM.

Where are Delphi parts made?

If Delphi makes a part for your truck, it was probably made by Delphi originally. However, there is a catch. When Delphi went through bankruptcy, they closed a lot of plants. So the current part may be made in Mexico or China.

Is AC Delco made in China?

postjeeprcr. A whole lot of AC Delco, made in China. Chevy Trax is made in China too, probably the same car. Chevy Trax is made in China for the Chinese market.

Are AC Delco spark plugs made in China?

Now made in China!

Are Airtex water pumps any good?

I have used airtex for an awful long time. No problems and they flow as much water as anyone really needs. … Comparing a genuine MOPAR pump side-by-side with a CarQuest made by Airtex and the quality is same as far as I could tell.

Who owns airtex?


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What is airtex?

Airtex, or Aertex as it’s sometimes known, can apply to either an actual fabric or as a brand name for two of the biggest manufacturers of said fabric. … Simply put, airtex is a thin, light weight, breathable fabric – breathable for the fact that essentially, it’s full of tiny holes.

How do I choose a fuel pump?

A good estimator of volume to power is approximately 10 hp per gallon or 2.64 hp per liter. For example if your pump flows at 50 gph it should be able to support a 500 hp engine (50 x 10 = 500). However, to actually know the gph you must also consider the fuel pressure required for your engine.

Will a new fuel pump improve performance?

If your old pump is not delivering fuel at the specified pressure, then a new one should improve your driving situation… … But unless you make engune improvements that require a better, more powerful or consistent fuel pump, the pump will only provide the same fuel the injectors require.

Are powerco fuel pumps any good?

Better quality than OEM fuel pump. Works fine, for 70 dollars cant complain. It’s not no high performance pump but it’s better quality than OEM.

Does Delphi make good parts?

If you like Delco parts, then you will also like Delphi parts. Delphi has been having labor, management and QC problems, too. The quality of some of their parts (like Optis) has gone down the crapper real fast. Walbro makes a nice pump.

Is Delphi Dead?

Delphi is alive until the last Delphi developer dies. There are hardly any new/young developers that work with Delphi. It is too expensive, there is no free or student version so it is perceived by many as an old and long gone by language.

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