How to find the smallest number in an array java

How do you find the smallest number in an array?

  1. #include<stdio.h>
  2. int main() {
  3. int a[30], i, num, smallest;
  4. printf(“nEnter no of elements :”);
  5. scanf(“%d”, &num);
  6. //Read n elements in an array.
  7. for (i = 0; i < num; i++)
  8. scanf(“%d”, &a[i]);

How do you find the smallest and largest number in an array in Java?

that store in the specified variable.

  1. public class FindBiggestSmallestNumber {
  2. public static void main(String[] args) {
  3. int numbers[] = new int[]{33,53,73,94,22,45,23,87,13,63};
  4. int smallest = numbers[0];
  5. int biggest = numbers[0];
  6. for(int i=1; i< numbers. length; i++)
  7. {
  8. if(numbers[i] > biggest)

How do you find the smallest number in Java?

  1. public static void main(String[] args) {
  2. System. out. println(“The largest number of the two numbers is ” + Math. max(num1,num2));
  3. System. out. println(“The smallest number of the two numbers is ” + Math. min(num1,num2));

How do you find the first digit of a number?

To finding first digit of a number is little expensive than last digit. To find first digit of a number we divide the given number by 10 until number is greater than 10. At the end we are left with the first digit.

How do you find the maximum and minimum of an array?

Below is the step by step descriptive logic to find maximum or minimum in array. Input size and element in array, store it in some variable say size and arr . Declare two variables max and min to store maximum and minimum. Assume first array element as maximum and minimum both, say max = arr[0] and min = arr[0] .

How do you find the largest and smallest number without using an array?

If you are sure that your input will only be a positive number then you can initialize the largest with zero instead of Integer. MIN_VALUE. The program is simple, just take input from the user about how many numbers and then uses a for loop to get that many numbers as input by using Scanner. nextInt() method.

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How do you find the greatest number in an array?

2. Run the for loop till the user-defined size to insert the element at each location. 3. Considering the first element of the array to be the largest, compare all the remaining elements of the array, and change the largest value if assumed largest element is smaller than the element being compared.

How do you find the smallest number?

Steps to find the smallest number.

  1. Count the frequency of each digit in the number.
  2. Place the smallest digit (except 0) at the left most of required number. and decrement the frequency of that digit by 1.
  3. Place all remaining digits in ascending order from left to right.

What is the biggest number in Java?

Integer Min and Max. The int type in Java can be used to represent any whole number from -2147483648 to 2147483647.

How do you find the minimum of two numbers in Java?

min() function is an inbuilt function in java which returns minimum of two numbers. The arguments are taken in int, double, float and long. If a negative and a positive number is passed as argument then the negative result is generated.

How do you find the minimum of 3 numbers in Java?

Write a method minimum3 that returns the smallest of three floating-point numbers. Use the Math. min method to implement minimum3. Incorporate the method into an application that reads three values from the user, determines the smallest value and displays the result.

How do I change the first and last digit of a number?

Algorithm to swap first and last digit of a number:

  1. Ask the user to enter an integer number. Suppose n = 12345, where n is an integer variable. …
  2. To find the last digit of a number, we use modulo operator %. …
  3. Find the first digit with the help of mathematical operation. …
  4. Use below logic to swap first and the last digit.
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How do you find the second digit of a number?

3 Answers. You can do it by dividing by ten and then taking the remainder of division by ten: int second = (number / 10) % 10; In general, you could think of integer-dividing by a k -th power of ten as of dropping k least significant digits.

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