How to initialize an arraylist in java

How do you initialize an ArrayList in Java? How to initialize an ArrayList Method 1: Initialization using Arrays.asList. Syntax: ArrayList<Type> obj = new ArrayList<Type>( Arrays. … Method 2: Anonymous inner class method to initialize ArrayList. Syntax: ArrayList<T> obj = new ArrayList<T>(){{ add(Object o1); add(Object o2); add(Object o3); … … … Method3: Normal way of ArrayList …

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How to print in java

How do I print a Java program? Once you have the Java compiler successfully installed, open a text editor (example, Notepad) and type in the following: /* * The HelloWorld Java program. * prints “Hello World!” on the computer screen. */ class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System. out. println(“Hello, World!”); } …

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