How to comment out JavaScript?

How do you comment out a section in JavaScript?

Single-line comments are used to comment a part of a line or a full line of code in JavaScript. You can use it for either explaining the code or debugging (commenting out to prevent the execution by the browser). For a single-line comment, you have to write two forward slashes: // .

How do you comment out everything in JavaScript?

Multi-line comments start with /* and end with */ . Any text between /* and */ will be ignored by JavaScript.

How do you comment a script tag?


  1. Select some JavaScript code inside of a <script> block in an HTML file*.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut to “Add a line comment” or run the command from the command palette.
  3. Note that in the latest Insiders build, it no longer uses //“JavaScript-valid comments; instead, it now uses ` comments.

How do you comment out a block of code?

How to comment out a block of code

  1. Select the lines you want to comment out.
  2. Press ⌘+/ on a Mac, or ctrl+/ on a Windows computer.

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How do I comment in JSON?

JSON does not support comments. It was also never intended to be used for configuration files where comments would be needed. Hjson is a configuration file format for humans. Relaxed syntax, fewer mistakes, more comments.

How do you insert a comment with more than one line?

To comment more than one line:

  1. Select all the lines that you would like to be commented.
  2. Press Ctrl + / Two slashes “//” will be added to the front of each line, causing them to be recognized as a comment.
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Where is JavaScript used?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that allows you to make web pages interactive. Where HTML and CSS are languages that give structure and style to web pages, JavaScript gives web pages interactive elements that engage a user.

How do you comment out a single line in HTML?

The only HTML comment is <! — –> It can be used as a single line comment or double, it is really up to the developer. So, an HTML comment starts with <!

How do you comment on code?

How to comment Code: Primarily, a single “block” comment should be placed at the top of the function (or file) and describe the purpose the code and any algorithms used to accomplish the goal. In-line comments should be used sparingly, only where the code is not “self-documenting”.

What is the shortcut key for comment in HTML?

Comment Code Block Ctrl+K+C/Ctrl+K+U

If you select a block of code and use the key sequence Ctrl+K+C, you’ll comment out the section of code. Ctrl+K+U will uncomment the code.

What is the comment tag in HTML?

Definition and Usage. The comment tag is used to insert comments in the source code. Comments are not displayed in the browsers. You can use comments to explain your code, which can help you when you edit the source code at a later date. This is especially useful if you have a lot of code.

How do I comment multiple lines in Yaml?

yaml files), you can comment-out multiple lines by:

  1. selecting lines to be commented, and then.
  2. Ctrl + Shift + C.
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How do you comment multiple lines in idle?

Instead, IDLE will help you put them in, and it will also help you take them out later. Simply highlight the region that you want to comment or uncomment, and go to the Format menu under which you have the option to Comment out Region (shortcut: Alt-3 ) or to Uncomment Region (shortcut: Alt-4 ).

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