How to debug JavaScript in visual studio 2013?

How do I debug JavaScript in Visual Studio?

Debug server-side script

  1. With your project open in Visual Studio, open a server-side JavaScript file (such as server.js), click in the gutter to the left gutter to set a breakpoint: …
  2. To run your app, press F5 (Debug > Start Debugging). …
  3. Press F5 to continue the app.

How do I debug JavaScript?

Get Started with Debugging JavaScript in Chrome DevTools

  1. Contents.
  2. Step 1: Reproduce the bug.
  3. Step 2: Get familiar with the Sources panel UI.
  4. Step 3: Pause the code with a breakpoint.
  5. Step 4: Step through the code.
  6. Step 5: Set a line-of-code breakpoint.
  7. Step 6: Check variable values. Method 1: The Scope pane. Method 2: Watch Expressions. Method 3: The Console.
  8. Step 7: Apply a fix.

How do I run a debug code in Visual Studio?

  1. To bring up the Run view, select the Run icon in the Activity Bar on the side of VS Code. …
  2. To run or debug a simple app in VS Code, press F5 and VS Code will try to run your currently active file.
  3. If you go back to the File Explorer view (Ctrl+Shift+E), you’ll see that VS Code has created a .

How do you debug?

7 Steps to Debug Efficiently and Effectively

  1. 1) Always Reproduce the Bug Before You Start Changing Code.
  2. 2) Understand Stack Traces.
  3. 3) Write a Test Case that Reproduces the Bug.
  4. 4) Know Your Error Codes.
  5. 5) Google! Bing! Duck! Duck! Go!
  6. 6) Pair Program Your Way Out of It.
  7. 7) Celebrate Your Fix.

How do I debug HTML in Visual Studio?

To debug by inspecting the live DOM

  1. Create a new solution in Visual Studio by choosing File > New Project.
  2. Choose JavaScript > Windows Universal, and then choose WinJS App.
  3. Type a name for the project, such as FlipViewApp , and choose OK to create the app.
  4. In the BODY element of index.html, add this code:
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How do you debug vs?

  1. Press F5 (Debug > Start Debugging) or the Start Debugging button. …
  2. While in the debugger, hover over a line of code until the Run to Click (Run execution to here) button. …
  3. Click the Restart. …
  4. If you do want to stop the debugger and get back into the code editor, you can press the red stop.

What is step out in debugging?

Step over – An action to take in the debugger that will step over a given line. If the line contains a function the function will be executed and the result returned without debugging each line. … Step out – An action to take in the debugger that returns to the line where the current function was called.

How do I debug VBA code?


  1. Empty the range A1:E2. …
  2. Press F8 four times. …
  3. Press F8 two more times. …
  4. Single step through the rest of the code to see how Excel VBA enters the other numbers. …
  5. Click on the green arrow to execute the macro until the breakpoint. …
  6. Only part of the macro (for i = 1) has been executed.

How do I debug my browser?


  1. Step 1: Open your application in the Chrome web browser.
  2. Step 2: Open developer console by inspecting your web page and select source tab or Go to View → Developer → View Source.
  3. Step 3: Set the breakpoint on your source code something similar to what we did in Mozilla browser.

How do I find JavaScript errors?

Go to the screen where you are experiencing the error. In Chrome, navigate to Tools > Advanced > Error Console. The error console will open. Select JavaScript and Errors from the two drop downs.

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Where can I test JavaScript code?

Let us have a quick look at some of the most popular ways to test JavaScript code in a browser.

  1. JSFiddle. Whether you are working with JavaScript or frameworks like React and Vue, JSFiddle is the tool for you. …
  2. Cross Browser Testing Tools. …
  3. Karma + Jasmine + Google Chrome. …
  4. CodePen. …
  5. JSBin. …
  6. Liveweave.

How do I run code in VS code?

To run code:

  1. use shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N.
  2. or press F1 and then select/type Run Code ,
  3. or right click the Text Editor and then click Run Code in editor context menu.
  4. or click Run Code button in editor title menu.
  5. or click Run Code button in context menu of file explorer.

Can I run Java in Visual Studio?

Visual Studio Code allows you to debug Java applications through the Debugger for Java extension. It’s a lightweight Java debugger based on Java Debug Server, which extends the Language Support for Java by Red Hat.

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