Most Popular Minecraft Servers?

What are the top 10 minecraft servers?

Here are the best Minecraft servers:

  • Mineplex.
  • Brawl.
  • Grand Theft Minecart.
  • Minescape.
  • Minewind.
  • PixelmonCraft.
  • Among Us Performium.
  • Zero.Minr.

What are the best Minecraft servers 2020?

List of top 10 Minecraft servers in 2020

  • The Mining Dead (Image credits: HavocMC)
  • MineVille (Image credits: Planet Minecraft)
  • UniverseMC (Image credits: Planet Minecraft)
  • Herobrine (Image credits: Planet Minecraft)
  • Bedwars (Image credits:
  • Hypixel (Image credits: Hypixel)

What is the 2nd most popular Minecraft server?

Browse Minecraft PlayersOnline Server pages

Rank IP Address
#1 Players: 100154 / 200000 Votes (March): 167 Votes (all time): 6607411
#2 Players: 17637 / 10041 Votes (March): 0 Votes (all time): 63
#3 Players: 12009 / 15000 Votes (March): 0 Votes (all time): 549

What is the most popular server?

New server releases

Developer September 2020 Percent
nginx 407,086,442 34.03%
Apache 330,682,809 27.64%
Microsoft 95,944,600 8.02%
Google 45,689,961 3.82%

What is the #1 Minecraft server?


Hypixel is currently the worlds most popular minecraft server, by a long shot. The undisputed most popular Minecraft server currently is Hypixel. With over 100,000 players on the network at peak hours, the competition isn’t even close to catching up.

Why is Mineplex dead?

There were a few reasons why Mineplex lost players: When 1.9 was released, a lot of people quit Minecraft because this update basically ruined PVP. When Mineplex removed some of their games, a lot of players quit due to their favorite game not being available.

Is Minecraft popular 2020?

As of 2020, Minecraft still boosts a massive player base. The monthly active user count as of May is more than 126 million. Those rumors were quickly put to rest, but the thought of there being no more Minecraft sent players flocking to the game.

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Is 1.16 good for servers?

Minecraft servers in 1.16 are an absolute blast to play. The Nether update added a lot of fresh & fun content to the game that the community is loving. Every Minecraft server listed here is completely free to join & play.

What is the biggest Minecraft build?

Minecraft Players Build the Largest City Ever, It Is Incredibly

  • Just a few days ago, Redditor @NJDaeger shared the latest update to their city Greenfield, stating “We’ve been working on this Minecraft City since 2011.
  • The city is built using a 1:1 scale, which means 1 block equals 1 cubic meter, and it is constructed to make anyone feel like they are walking around a real city.

What is the most played Minecraft version?

The most popular version of the game, Java Edition is the one played by most people. Java Edition of Minecraft varies significantly from the Bedrock in various ways. While both the versions are equally viable, Java Edition is the one that is played the most.

What is a chunk ban in Minecraft?

A chunkban, is an exploit where player(s) are kicked consistently from the server due to an error involving glitched chunks. This is commonly linked to collision corruptions or chunks containing excess data.

What is the most popular bedrock server?

Hyperlands. This is considered as one of the best Bedrock Edition servers. Hyperlands is the king of minigames, offering up game modes including SkyWars, Bedwars, TheBridge, Duels, and PotPvP. Hyperlands is incredibly popular given the number of players who regularly gather to it.

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What is 9b9t?

9b9t is a survival anarchy Minecraft server based around the idea that players can do basically anything. There is a fairly large and active player base, as well as a subreddit community. 9b9t was started on another clone server, 4b4t.

Is Mineplex dying?

Mineplex is not dead. I won’t deny player counts have fallen, but it is far from “dead”. In fact, due to recent events, Mineplex has received an influx of players. We’re developing games, we just released a new rank, we’re hosting events, and we have over 3k players most often.

Who owns Mineplex?

Mineplex was founded and created on January 24, 2013 by Gregory Bylos, known in Minecraft as “Sterling_”, and “Spu_”. The server is among the oldest Minecraft servers that are still running to this day.

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