Often asked: Minecraft Extreme Reactors Guide?

What is the best coolant for extreme reactors?

Cryotheum is the best coolant inbetween rods. 1 coolant between each rod is best. In some smaller/cooler designs Graphite can be better. Coolants are needed inside an actively cooled reactor, the cooling effects actually stack!

Can extreme reactors explode Minecraft?

It will never malfunction or explode or do any such nasty thing.

What fuel does extreme reactors use?

Basically you take a uranium ingot, pulverize it, put it in a thermal centrifuge to get 4 U-238, 1 U-235, and a stone dust.

How do you cool big reactors?

Many different types of liquids will cool the inside of a reactor down. The best (as far as I know) is Gelid Cryotheum, but other good ones include Destabilized Redstone and Resonant Ender. Just fill the inside of your reactor with your liquid of choice and you’re good to go!

What is the max size big reactor?

These principles also extend to the largest reactors, 30x30x46 core (max size allowed by the mod), as seen in these top-tier designs.

How do you fill a big reactor with coolant?

Place the cryotheum against the side of the glass and it will fall down to the bottom. Place more cryotheum until that row is full and add the glass for the row. Place more cryotheum, add more glass, repeat until full. It’s much easier if you fill the corners with a reactor-compatible solid block first.

How do you get Ludicrite?

Mod Included

Crafting Ludicrite Blocks is currently the only method to acquire Ludicrite Ingots and Ludicrite Dust. However, ingots can be produced by placing a Ludicrite Block in the Crafting Table and Ludicrite Dust can be created by placing a Ludicrite Ingot into a Macerator.

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How do you make graphite big reactors?

Graphite Dust is an item from the Big Reactors mod. It is created by grinding up Graphite Bars or Graphite Blocks.

How do I get gelid Cryotheum?

Gelid cryotheum is the ice elemental fluid. It is obtained by melting cryotheum dust in a magma crucible.

How do you convert RF to EU?

Immersive Engineering’s wire converters have built in EU to RF (and visa versa) conversion. You attach a wire converter to a RF power source or fluxduct and another to an IC2 machine or cable and wire the two together using the appropriate wire coil type to run IC2 machines with RF.

How do you make a Yellorium ingot?

The ingots can be created from smelting Yellorite Ore, Yellorium Dust or in a crafting grid from Yellorium Blocks. The main use for Yellorium is as the fuel source for multi-block reactors from the Big Reactors mod.

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