Who Won Minecraft Monday?

Is Minecraft Monday still a thing 2020?

KEEMSTAR explains why Friday Fortnite & Minecraft Monday are canceled for now. YouTube superstar Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has announced the cancelation of his popular weekly tournaments Friday Fortnite and Minecraft Monday, which saw streamers and pro players go head to head in the games’ public lobbies.

Who won Minecraft Monday 13?

Another team joins the two-time club in Minecraft Monday. Félix “xQc” Lengyel and “m0xyy” were able to repeat as Minecraft Monday champions by utterly crushing the competition in this week’s tournament.

Who won each week of Minecraft Monday?

Can you name all the Minecraft Monday Winners?

Week Winners % Correct
Week Six Technoblade & jschlatt 96.3%
Week Ten Technoblade & Ph1lza 96.3%
Week Five Skeppy & BadBoyHalo 94.2%
Week Nine Vikkstar123 & Skeppy 91.6%

Who won Minecraft Monday 12?

This was a week of incredible upsets and insane finishes, but xQc and m0xyy finally won their first Minecraft Monday after slowly improving over the course of the competition.

Who hacked Minecraft Monday?

Twitch star and two-time Minecraft Monday champion Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel was stunned when the October 7 tournament he was competing in was sent into chaos after hackers infiltrated the server.

Can anyone join Minecraft Monday?

To participate in Minecraft Mondays, you must have a computer Minecraft account from https://minecraft.net/en/. There is a one time fee of $26.95.

Who has the most wins in Minecraft Monday?

Past winners include: ShotGunPlays & Technoblade won Week 1, Technoblade & iBallisticSquid won Week 2, traves & cscoop won Week 3, Vikkstar123 & Preston won Week 4, Skeppy & BadBoyHalo won Week 5, Technoblade & Schlatt won in Week 6, Badboyhalo & Skeppy won in Week 7 and NeedleXD & MCMorganPlayz won in Week 8.

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Who won Minecraft Monday 7?

Week 7 was the seventh week of Minecraft Monday. It consisted of twenty-one teams and forty contestants. The weeks official winners were Skeppy and BadBoyHalo, although Technoblade and Junky Janker, and Bajan Canadian and CaptainSparklez could have been the winners as well, so the money got donated to charity.

Who won Minecraft Monday 9?

Prize Pool

Place $ USD Player
1st $5,000 Vikkstar
2nd Bajan Canadian
3rd xQc
4th BadBoyHalo

How much money has Technoblade won?

Technoblade obtained $100,000 in total prize money earned on August 27, 2020 with a $100,000.00 cash prize from his 1st place finish at $100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel. Prize money from 5 tournaments got him to that point.

Who is the best Minecraft player?

#1 – Technoblade

Technoblade has been incredible at Minecraft for a very long time, and a popular creator in the Minecraft YouTube community for many years.

Did Technoblade win Minecraft Monday?

Technoblade is back to winning Minecraft Mondays, as he took home the top spot in Week 6 after initially winning the first two weeks. He’ll look to continue that success Week 7 as UMG and Keemstar are hosting another Minecraft Monday event on August 5th.

Who won Minecraft Monday 11?

A new champion is crowned for Minecraft Monday. In the 11th week of Minecraft Monday, Technoblade was gunning for his fourth victory in the star-studded event.

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