How to change php version in cpanel

How do I select PHP version in cPanel?

Go to cPanel >> Software >> Select PHP Version

Click on the drop down next to PHP version, choose the required PHP version and click on ‘Set as current’.

How do I change PHP version in cPanel WHM?

How to Change Your PHP Version in WHM

  1. Log into WHM with the login credentials sent to you in your welcome email.
  2. Search for MultiPHP Manager in WHM (upper left search box)
  3. Select the domain you want to change the PHP version for.
  4. From the PHP Version drop down select the version of PHP.
  5. Click the blue Apply button.

How do I change my theme in cPanel?

To manage available cPanel themes:

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. In the left side menu, find cPanel.
  3. Under cPanel, click Branding.
  4. Next to the x3 theme, click Live Editor. This will show you a list of available themes.
  5. Select the the Enable checkbox for each theme you wish to make available to clients.

How do I enable PHP extensions in cPanel?

How to Enable/Disable PHP Extensions From cPanel?

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Locate Select PHP version and click on it.
  3. Choose your desired PHP version and click on Set as Current.
  4. To set the PHP extensions, Click on Switch to PHP settings.
  5. Click on the extension you wish to change, enter the value and save the settings.

How can I check my PHP version?

Open your browser, go to ,and the version of the PHP server will be displayed on your screen: Once you find out what PHP version you have, either remove the file or restrict the access to it.

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How do I choose PHP version?

How to Choose Your PHP Version

  1. In the “SOFTWARE” section, click the “Select PHP Version” link or icon.
  2. Select the version you wish to use. …
  3. When you click a PHP version other than the native version, the PHP extensions list will appear. …
  4. If no extensions are selected or activated for your new PHP version, click the “Reset to default” button.

How do I change PHP version in GoDaddy cPanel?

Changing PHP Version Using GoDaddy

  1. Log in to your hosting server cPanel and locate Software block.
  2. Here open Select PHP Version tool.
  3. Select the necessary version from the dropdown menu and click on Save button to apply the changes.

How can I update PHP version?

If you have a site with a lot of visitors it can take even longer.

  1. Log into your control panel.
  2. Click on the Advanced settings tile and then select PHP and database settings.
  3. Scroll down to Update PHP versions.
  4. Select the PHP version you want to switch to and click Save.

How do I change PHP version in Hostgator cPanel?

To update the PHP version for a site:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Software section, click on the PHP Selector icon.
  3. Navigate to the directory for which you’d like to update the PHP version. …
  4. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the version of PHP you want to use and then click Update.

How do I upload a theme to cPanel?

How do I add my own theme to cPanel?

  1. Step 1 of 5. Login to cPanel WHM interface.
  2. Step 2 of 5. Click on the Themes link.
  3. Step 3 of 5. You can then click on the Universal Theme Manager link.
  4. Step 4 of 5. Then click on the cPanel Manage Themes link.
  5. Step 5 of 5. Upload your new theme using the Install Theme field. Your new theme will now be added to cPanel.
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What does cPanel do?

cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used as a control panel to simplify website and server management. cPanel allows you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more. cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the United States.

How do I enable PHP extensions?

For enable PHP Extension intl , follow the Steps..

  1. Open the xampp/php/php. ini file in any editor.
  2. Search “;extension=php_intl.dll”
  3. kindly remove the starting semicolon ( ; ) Like : ;extension=php_intl.dll. to. extension=php_intl.dll.
  4. Save the xampp/php/php. ini file.
  5. Restart your xampp/wamp.

Where is PHP selector in cPanel?

cPanel users can find PHP Selector functionality under the “Select PHP version” in their cPanel home page. Plesk users can find PHP Selector functionality on the right quick access panel in their Plesk home page.

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