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Ryan Duclos
Perficient, Inc.
Twitter: rduclos
Blog: http://about.me/rduclos
Lap Around SQL Azure
SQL Azure is part of the Windows Azure platform: a suite of services providing hosted computing, infrastructure, Web services, Reporting services and data services. The SQL Azure component provides the relational database functionality of SQL Server, but it also provides functionality as a cloud-computing service, hosted in Microsoft datacenters around the globe. We will go over how it works and what it has to offer, as well as some of the differences and limitations.
SQL Azure Reporting
SQL Azure Reporting is a CTP offering and part of the SQL Azure and Windows Azure Platform. The SQL Azure  Reporting component is based on SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). It is a cloud-based service offerring a subset of SSRS technology. In this session we will go over the basic of getting SQL Azure Reporting setup and wired up.***It is assumed that you have familiarity with designing/managing SSRS reports.

Jim Wooley
Slalom Consulting
Twitter: @jimwooley
Blog: http://www.thinqlinq.com
Reactive Extensions (Rx) in Action
You may have seen the theoretical discussions of Reactive Extensions and heard about the duality of IEnumerable and IObservable, but are still scratching your head to know how and when to use them. In demo filled session, we’ll cover a number of cases where it makes sense to consider RX to declaratively compose complex operations over observable sequences in an elegant LINQ like syntax. We may even have some chocolate induced audience participation along the way.
Asynchronous Programming in .Net
While .Net 4 added parallel programming capabilities, these tools primarily help when  your application is CPU bound. In many cases, parallel processing doesn’t address IO Latency issues. In these cases, we need to provide  the perception of responsive applications by using asynchronous programming tools. We will explore some of these options including Delegates, Callbacks, Iterators, Observers, and the new C# Async keywords.
LINQ Performance tricks and tips
When LINQ arrived in 2008, we were given a new declarative model to perform set based operations. As we begin to use it more in our applications we start to see the performance implications of using this model in our applications. This session will look at options we have to improve our performance by improving our code, using hash tables with I40, scaling up with PLINQ, scaling out with Dryad and asynchronous operations with Rx. By the end of this session, you should have an understanding of when to use each of these new and emerging technologies to improve your LINQ code
Chris Gardner
T & W Operations
Twitter: @freestylecoder
Blog: http://blog.freestylecoding.com
Designing Custom AJAX Libraries for ASP.NET
As the scope of our web applications and limitations on our devices increases, we must adapt our practices and tools to provide better experiences to our users. By carefully designing and implementing custom AJAX libraries for our web applications, we can provide seamless experiences that perform like monolith desktop computers on the most minuscule of devices.
Introduction to XNA on Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 can do much more than Silverlight. This session will show you how to leverage the XNA framework to get direct access out of the phone’s hardware. Topics include Gestures, Web Services, and Mixed mode development.
Beginning Xbox 360 development with the XNA Framework
While many of us dream of jobs in game development, XNA Game Studio and Microsoft’s AppHub give you the tools necessary to make and publish your own games for the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace. Attendees will given a brief overview of using XNA Game Studio to create software for the Xbox 360.
Xbox 360 Indie Game Design Using XNA
The methods for producing quality games that perform in real time are much different than the methods used to produce quality productivity software. This session will present attendees with the nuances of proper game design by introducing topics such as the game loop, collision detection, and processing inputs from analog devices.
Creating Stereoscopic 3D Graphics in XNA
As 3D displays become more prevalent in the home, developers need to learn how to leverage these displays to stand out from the crowd. This session will show attendees how to create 3D enabled games using the XNA framework. The discussion will cover both 3D games and 2D Sprite games that use stereoscopic graphics to make certain aspects pop.
Mark Dunn
DUNN Training, Inc.
Blog: dunntraining.com/blog
Demystifying Databinding in Windows Forms and Web Applications
In this session, Mark Dunn will walk you through the binding options available to ASP.Net Web Forms and Windows Forms developers using data sources. We’ll exam drag and drop techniques to quickly build prototypes in minutes with no or a minimal amount of code. This session is largely demo focused and uses few slides.
Techniques for Paging Data Efficiently From Large Tables
You just put your app in production and now users are complaining it takes too long to populate that grid with the vendor history. After a bit of detective work you discover a lot of their queries are returning thousands of rows. They’re going to need a really small font to read all that data or maybe there’s a better solution? In this session, Mark will walk you through creating a stored procedure to page through large result sets by only asking the database to return the rows that are needed for display. He will demonstrate calling the procedure from both Windows and Web applications.

Alex Tocitu
Twitter: ClrJedi
Test Driven Development in the database
Do you unit test your database objects code? Please come to this talk to find out about what TDD means in the database, and how to effectively and efficiently do it for your TSQL. We will show you how to implement assertions to unit test and validate scripts, stored procedures, functions, etc. Really!

Gifford Haynes
Twitter: gbhaynes3
Test Driving Windows Phone 7 Development
You might have heard of TDD, Unit Tests, and Integration Tests. How do these practices and concepts work in the Windows Phone development space? Let’s explore the tools and techniques for the WP7 developer. This session does assume some knowledge of Windows Phone 7 development.

Andrew Fuqua
Fuqua Consulting, LLC
Twitter: andrewmfuqua
Exploring the Engineering Practices Necessary for Scrum
Scrum has been criticized for being incomplete, for not addressing the whole of a development project. This talk explores the set of engineering practices that you should do if you are using Scrum.
How to Energize People
Creativity is an important aspect of successful software product development and IT projects. Creativity is subject to the mood of the team — it doesn’t exactly ooze from a team that is demoralized. But how do you motivate creative types? It seems that it’s as easier to demotivate knowledge workers than it is to motivate them. Or is it? Programmers, testers, analysts and product managers can be motivated with some effort and care. Know what motivates teams in general, find out what motivates each individual, be observant, and use a couple simple “tools”. This talk covers these concepts and includes thoughts from Jurgen Appelo’s Management 3.0 and Dan Pink’s Drive.
Kanban 101
Learn what Kanban is, what it isn’t, and how to apply it to an IT or software development project. Kanban focuses on the flow of work through a system. It’s a useful tool to visualize the work and the problems that impact flow. It supports evolutionary process improvement and helps control the amount of work in process. Being less prescriptive than many SW Dev methods, it can be used more naturally, that is without shocking the system as it is being adopted. This will be an informal and interactive session with lots of time for Q&A. Time permitting, we’ll touch on pull systems, metrics, value stream mapping, the Theory of Constraints and the Scientific Method.

Dan Wygant
MiddlEye S/W
Twitter: danwygant
Cutting Edge of Software Development
For 27 years I’ve lived on the cutting edge of software development. Technology is changing at warp speed – with the invention of the internet, bi-yearly releases from Microsoft and other vendors and with the advent of social networking. Staying current and managing your life is a challenge that requires special skills, and my talk will tell you how you can do this. I will also look at Windows 8 arriving later this year and it’s impact to developers. Come join in on a talk on how to be on the cutting edge of software development.

Shawn Wildermuth
Twitter: shawnwildermuth
Modern Web Development
In this talk, Shawn will walk the attendees through the new way that web applications are being built today using the latest in client-side development the best practices of how to carry that out with ASP.NET MVC.
Mobile Web Development
Building websites that scale well to mobile devices is now easy and fun. In this talk, Shawn will show you how to use a variety of client-side and server-side techniques for making your sites look and work great on mobile devices.

Michael Crump
Twitter: mbcrump
Above and Beyond in Silverlight 5
This session is designed for people who want to quickly understand the key features in Silverlight 5. We will walk you through downloading the bits to finally starting your first project starting from File->New Project. We will also take a look at several key features such as XAML Debugging and Out of Browser – Multiple Windows Support, Sound Effect Class for Low-Latency, Supporting Double and Triple Mouse Clicks and Linked and Multi-Column Text. It doesn’t stop there, we will also look at several advanced features including: PivotViewer, advanced Text and TPL.
Get Started Buliding Metro Applications for Windows 8 using XAML/C#
This session is designed for those getting ready to build great looking applications for Windows 8 using XAML/C#. We will build a new application using Visual Studio 11 starting from File->New Project. We will then explore existing templates as well as take a brief look at what WinRT really is.

Robert Cain
Pragmatic Works
Twitter: ArcaneCode
Become a PowerShell Pop Star
So you’ve heard about this cool scripting language from Microsoft called PowerShell. Maybe you’ve even thought “I need to learn something about that.” Well today is your lucky day, in this session we’ll take you from a PowerShell “noob” to Pop Star in one fast paced demo filled session. We’ll start with the basics, cmdlets, variables, and providers. Then we’ll look a quick look programming fundamentals, such as as branching, looping, script blocks and variable scoping. Finally we’ll get into the advanced, fun stuff like functions, error handling, working with file types and wrap it up with creating a spiffy user interface. They’ll be rolling out the red carpet when you get back to work Monday for the newest PowerShell Pop Star.
The Decoder Ring for Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence with SQL Server
Business Intelligence is one of the hottest job skills in the IT field. DBAs and Database Developers are being asked to implement databases with non-traditional design, and are having a lot of new vocabulary thrown their way. In this talk you will learn the concepts behind building and designing data warehouses, and cut through the buzz words so you will walk away with a clear understanding of what words like dimensions, facts, and measures mean.
Data Dude – Making a database developer happier and more productive
Whether you are a dedicated database developer, or a DBA/.Net Developer for whom database development is a secondary job, Visual Studio Database Developer edition, aka “Data Dude” can be a boon to you. In this session we’ll start by reverse engineering an existing database into complete scripts to create the tables, indexes, stored procedures, and more. Deployment strategies will be covered, as well as refactoring and unit testing. Finally we’ll look at the powerful data generation capabilities built into “Data Dude”.

Todd Miranda
NxtDimension Solutions
Twitter: tmiranda
Intro to ASP.NET MVC
Have you heard that MVC is the “way to go”? That it is easier than webforms? That it is more testable? In this presentation, we’ll start from ground zero and work our way through all the basics of learning to develop an ASP.NET MVC application. We’ll look at the razor view engine and discuss how to use it without getting cut! If you are interested in getting started using MVC or learning about he razor view engine syntax, then this presentation is for you. You will leave with the knowledge you need to put MVC to work for you.
Intro to HTML 5 / CSS3
Are you curious about HTML5 and what it really is? Are you concerned about using HTML5 right now? Are you concerned about browser compatibility and backward compatibility of your sites? You don’t have to be any more. In this presentation, we’ll learn how to use HTML5 today. We’ll take a look at features, benefits and pitfalls. We’ll learn about everything from the basics to the more advanced features of HTML5 / CSS3 / and Javascript.